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April 14, 2018 at 2:34 am #12012

Hi Michael, thanks for sending your site URL. I’ve responded by email but I’ll partly repeat my response here so others may benefit:

Looking at the site source, I see there is another version of FancyBox included in the theme file /themes/jupiter/assets/js/core-scripts.6.1.2.js which makes the theme incompatible with Easy FancyBox. The fact that older worked while 1.7 doesn’t is due to a difference in when it adds its script files. Version 1.6 does this very late while 1.7 does it at the usual point. Both methods have their up and downsides and you seem to be the victim of the downside as the theme incompatibility is now revealed.

You have two options:

1. Stick with version for now and wait for version 1.7.1 as it will include an option to makes script files load as late as they did with previous versions. This is the easiest option but will need your attention to NOT update until the next release and then, when it arrives, enable the new ‘theme compatibility’ (or something similar) option. I can send a beta version of 1.7.1 with the planned compatibility option when it’s ready to anyone who wished to test it.

2. Or modify either the theme (to remove all fancybox related scripts) or the Easy FancyBox 1.7 plugin so the script files are enqueued at a later point. I can give detailed instructions on how to do this for anyone who wants to try this.

Just let me know on this thread 🙂