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August 6, 2018 at 2:54 am #12457

Hi Carsten, I can’t check this live (no link) but it sounds like the filter that you describe, is doing an ajax request or otherwise modifies the page DOM tree on the fly. This will cause the FancyBox script to either not be aware of new content or loose track of existing content (after being moved around). The result is then that links are no longer opening in the light box as expected.

There is a way to make Easy FancyBox re-scan a page after new content has been added or changed but it depends on the script that is handling the actual filtering request. Do you know which script is responsible? Is it a theme or a plugin script?

If the theme or plugin is available on then I can do some testing for you. Or I can take a closer look at your live site, if you share a link 🙂 either publicly on this thread or using the contact form (with mention of this thread).