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January 6, 2019 at 1:17 am #13065

Hmmm, OK so does the option “Large image” make it so that each image in the gallery is linked straight to its full size image version? This should normally be enough for Easy FancyBox to work with, unless…

1. if the Autodetect field (on Settings > Media, in the Images section) does not have the proper file extensions. Make sure they are correct there:; jpg png jpeg or whatever you have on your site… Upper/lower case is important too!

2. if WPBakery adds a class nolightbox to the links. This would disable autodetection for these links. You can try adding fancybox in that “Nome classe extra” field you mentioned.

IF you want, I can take a closer look at your live site. You can use the Contact form to send me your site link privately (make sure to mention this topic)