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December 30, 2019 at 6:55 pm #18252

Hi Eugenio, are you talking about the space between the light box frame and the edge of the browser window? This is calculated on the fly by the light box script. You can reduce it to 20 pixels but lower than that is prohibited because it will partially hide the close button and (depending on theme CSS) force the site width to surpass browser screen width, adding a horizontal scroll bar.

I’ve put up an example on if you click the link Google Maps “embed test” you will see the result.

Changing it through CSS will move the frame out of center position, leaving a larger margin on the right side.

The best approach to fully cover your site, is to set the Margin to its lowest value (20px) and then set the Overlay to have Opacity: 1, and Color: #FFF or another color that matches either the embedded site or your site background color…