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January 10, 2014 at 12:59 pm #3431


Thank you for your comprehensive view on things. I do appreciate I have a few things loaded but would like to retain most of the features enabled if possible especially the event Calendar. I have gone through your instructions and after testing I have managed to resolve the conflict with Map calls by disabling it in CalPress Pro. It was called twice (and once within WP_GPX_Maps). GPX maps are still working, adding events in CalPress and utilising maps is still working and no errors in console log now apart from the known bug fixed in jquery 1.11
event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. Which I am guessing I can ignore as it’s only a warning?
At first when disabling all 3 plugins (and individually) I still couldn’t get EasyBox to work. Eventually I took a gamble and tried the suggested upgrade which the dashboard was informing of to go to Ver 1.5.6 and bingo! Its now working.
However I still have one last outstanding problem with this particular theme when using the “slideshow” feature within the Photo Gallery in that the images are displayed behind the thumbnails (if that makes sense). It needs to come to the foreground. Doesn’t happen on default TwentyFourteen theme.
I appreciate it’s not your plugin causing this but any ideas on how to solve would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for such a great and quick response. I am actually thinking of moving away from this theme (Vilisya) in the near future when I have time to migrate, as it’s giving me some headaches!