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December 16, 2014 at 7:31 pm #4182

Hi, I hope you are doing fine today šŸ™‚

Thank you for your purchase.

1) Fit to screen width : images are NOT re-sizing to screen width. How to do the same.

Images are always kept in proportion, if they are higher then wide, then the height will be scaled to fit within the screen and width will usuably be less wide than the screen width. Images are never stretched out of proportion.

2) Iā€™m displaying buddy-press in IFRAME in-side a TAB. Pl check link below :

or and check VRSR-TAB

Images are NOT displaying in LIGHTBOX.
I see only a black background.

The images ARE being displayed in the lightbox. You need to scroll down to the middle of the 28259px heigh iframe to see the lightboxed image.

Fancybox (or any other script) cannot break out of the iframe. If it is used in the top frame then the lightbox overlay will fill the whole browser tab but if it is inside an iframe, it will see that iframe area as its maximum canvas. Anything else would be considered cross-site scripting and be (rightfully) blocked by the browser.

There is nothing the lightbox script can do about that…