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December 24, 2014 at 2:24 am #4230

I don’t have problems in sharing the link.
But it will bring down my site – because I’m pulling images from PICASA and displaying using ALPINE. And ALPINE is used in good no. of places in the site.
Below gives very detailed instructions on how to install and use it.
It is quite simple compared to other picasa album plug-ins.
You just have to have a album in PICASA and share it publicly.
That’s all and rest is – defining user-id and album-id in PICASA.
See below for detailed instructions.
See if possible to download and install on your system.
On Admin/Settings/ALPINE…, you have option to disable the built-in lightbox and use the system wide lightbox.
If it is not working-out, I will find some solution in a day or two so that you can check the errors etc.