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January 8, 2015 at 8:05 am #4301

I’ve switched it back on, but on the front end it isn’t working (it is on the settings page review) and I have no idea why. This seems to have started since I tried putting the a class code which I deleted now, but maybe something is hanging around somewhere. Is there a code I can put in that will open up Fancybox? If so, could you give me the exact code please and I’ll try it

Also, I am creating a gallery page for my site and am getting the same 2 lighthbox issue on all the gallery plugins I have been looking at. Is there a gallery plugin you recommend that works well with fancybox? i.e. one fancy box lightbox

Fancybox is working great on single images and PDF’s etc on my site and its just an image gallery issue. I don’t like the WP gallery plugin and want to use another one that has better features