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January 8, 2015 at 6:14 pm #4303

I’ve switched it back on, but on the front end it isn’t working (it is on the settings page review) and I have no idea why.

That’s strange… Are you using page caching (like W3TC) maybe? Is there an option to reset Glamslider settings? If not, maybe you can get support from the Glamslider developers…

This code might (untested) be able to suppress FancyBox for Glamslides:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).on('ready', function(){
  jQuery('.glam_slide a').addClass('nofancybox');

Paste it in a text widget in the sidebar.

About gallery plugins: I have designed Easy FancyBox to work with the WordPress internal galleries primarily. You can add Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries module to that without problems. But other Gallery plugins usually bring along their own lightbox and are all implemented very differently.

I have had reports that you can use NextGEN Gallery with Easy FancyBox but I’m told it’s very difficult to find the right settings as it is a very complicated plugin. You can find some suggestions in the FAQ’s but these are old and the plugin has become even more complex since then. I don’t like it for that very reason. It’s bigger than WordPress itself and way too much overhead for my taste. And if you ever try NextGEN Pro, apparently you’ll run into the same problem of double lightboxes again.

There is a solution similar to the one suggested for the Glamslider but you have to consider that each time you are adding a different lightbox, page load times will increase. Sometimes a lot, which is bad for your visitor stats.