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January 9, 2015 at 10:28 am #4306

I pasted into a text widget in my sidebar but all that happened is seeing the text code on the sidebar. Maybe this is better pasted into the footer script. Though I think I probably need to reinstall Glamslider as the lightbox function is not working and suggests something has gone wrong somewhere in the plugin script, so maybe this is why. Though at the moment this would mean having to redo all the slider galleries, so will look at it when I have more time to do so. Besides if I use a lightbox for Glamslider, I only want to use Fancybox

Thanks for all the info re image galleries. I have quite a few gallery events I need to add to my site and will look at the image galleries you suggested, and use one of these. The code you suggested adding to the footer seems to work from the user who tried it, so I’ll probably go this route if I can