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February 6, 2015 at 3:07 pm #4438

OK I see. The message “Plugin not supported” is coming from the mobile browser. It is talking about a browser plugin (not WordPress plugin) that is needed to display PDF files. There is nothing I can do about that from within the Easy FancyBox WP plugin…

However, not being able to make the mobile browser display the PDF you might still be able to change the behavior. Try this:

1. Go to Setttings > Media and disbale the PDF option and enable the iFrame option.
2. Remove the “.pdf” from the Auto-detect field in the Images section (it does not belong there as it will make FancyBox think PDF files are images!)
3. Modify your PDF links in the HTML editor tab so that they will have a class “fancybox-iframe”
4. Test the links on the mobile device to see if the browser now downloads the file instead of trying to render it…

P.S. Better to disable all media types on Settings > Media that you are not actually using on your site. Leaving all options enabled makes your site slower than it needs to be.