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April 25, 2015 at 2:13 pm #4894

Hi Preston, you will need to:
either (a) switch off the Inline Content option on your Settings > Media admin page;
or (b) use class=”fancybox-inline” for these contact form buttons.

The problem is that when Inline Content is switched on, Easy FancyBox starts treating links with class=”fancybox” as dedicated image links and no longer accepts inline content for them. Either one if the above solutions will resolve the issue.

Choose one depending on what you prefer. With the Inline Content option switched on, you have a more control on inline content (size, scrolling, title) seperatly from image media content but you’ll have to convert all inline content links on your site to use class=”fancybox-inline”. Switching the Inline Content option off is easiest but then you’ll have to make sure all links use class=”fancybox” instead because “fancybox-inline” will no longer be recognized.

Hope that explains it well 🙂