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June 19, 2015 at 6:19 pm #5214

Hi Silvia, no problem. That’s what Premium support is for 🙂

OK, i’ll give you a step-by-step based on the gallery shortcode you gave above:

1. Remove the size=”full” from the shortcode to prevent full size images loading on the first page request.

2. Then (supposing you want three images in the gallery) remove the first image ID from the ids=”…” parameter.

Your shortcode should now look like

3. Switch to the editors Text tab (if you’re not already using that) and wrap your shortcode in a div with class “fancybox-hidden” so it will now look like:

<div class="fancybox-hidden">


The code snippet should start on a new line.

4. Now place you cursor above that div code (add another new line if needed) and then click the “Add media” button. Browse to the image that corresponds with the ID that was removed in step 2. Insert that image (choose large size if you want) and make it “Link to: Media file” same as you already did for the gallery.

5. Save your post or page and go to Settings > Media to make sure the Auto-gallery option is enabled.

Easiest would be the setting “All in one gallery” at step 5 here but if you need to have more control, the advanced “Galleries per Section” might be needed. How to configure that, depends on your theme so please let me know if you want help with that 🙂