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August 12, 2016 at 8:17 pm #6906


“This surprises me. Normally, tt should not ignore rel attributes. Maybe this is a conflict between the two light box plugins…”
But this is what I found after intensive testing. I don’t believe this is due to a conflict between the two lightbox scripts. As you can see from my last post, this also happens if one the lightbox plugins is deactivated. Scripts of deactivated plugins are not loaded, or am I wrong?
This does not mean however that there could not be a conflict with some other plugin, as I use quite a few on my site. One is Responsive Image Maps which makes image maps mobile ready. I deactivated it, but no difference. I am not going to dive further into plugin conflict searching, because I have an easy to use workaround now for my problem.

“I usually advise against using multiple light bow scripts at the same time. Is there a particular reason why you need both?”
I agree. But in this special case using only Easy Fancybox and deactivating or deleting dFactory’s Responsive Lightbox is not an option, as the latter is optimized for mobile devices. I use it together with its add-on PhotoSwipe (nomen est omen). And deleting Easy Fancybox is not an option either. Its the only lightbox plugin I found that can handle image maps and pdf files in an overlay out of the box.

“Another approach could have been to set the “Auto gallery” option to “Media links in Section(s) only” and then define “map” in the Section(s) field… ”
I tried this, but without success. I couldn’t define ‘map’ as a section. I tried to use all the settings you mentioned on the settings page of Easy Fancybox. As the image map is wrapped by a div class “content-entry”, I tried to make this a section. Again, no success. This could of course be due to my limited skills. Maybe you could give me some more specific information or hints?
But you can also close this thread. I have a working ‘solution’.
Thank you for the time you spent, I appreciate it.