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November 30, 2016 at 11:42 pm #7460

Thank you for the link.

Looking at your site source code, I notice there is another light box script loaded: colorbox.js

It’s included by your theme and I suspect that is the one that is causing the double light box effect because it is set to bind itself automatically to any image links.

Is there is a theme option to switch off its light box effect? If not, and if you’re capable of modifying a theme, then you could remove the script (and all its related code!) manually.

Otherwise, your options are:

A. Continue using the solution you found, with “fancybox-inline” and Images disabled; or…

B. Go back to your original direct image link again (you can remove the hidden content div after you made sure it works) but leave the “Images” option on Settings > Media unchecked. You’ll need to leave Inline Content (or any other option except Images) activated on Settings > Media or the auto-popup will stop working.

Note that with option B, Colorbox will be used instead of Fancybox to show the popup image on your front page.