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January 6, 2017 at 7:32 am #7679

Hi Mona, welcome on these forums.

… have the fancybox height to match the window and leave the content scrollable… but am not able to click through the three images within the container.

So as I understand it, you wish to be able to scroll the height of one image and then click trough to the next image?

You will indeed need the Inline Content mode (allowing scrolling) but I suggest dividing them up into three inline content instances, linking them into a gallery with the rel attribute.

In code, that would look something like:

<a href="#image_1" class="fancybox-inline button" rel="image_gallery">My gallery</a>
<a href="#image_2" class="fancybox-inline" rel="image_gallery"> </a>
<a href="#image_3" class="fancybox-inline" rel="image_gallery"> </a>
<div class="fancybox-hidden">
<div id="image_1" style="width:300px"><img src="..." alt="..." /></div>
<div id="image_2" style="width:300px"><img src="..." alt="..." /></div>
<div id="image_3" style="width:300px"><img src="..." alt="..." /></div>

Of course adapting the src and alt values to your images and width and height values to match your desired maximum FancyBox width. The text My gallery can be replaced by a thumbnail image or dressed up as a button with some CSS style rules via the .button class.