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May 17, 2017 at 1:11 am #8301

Ahhh, I am getting a clear picture now 😉 thanks for explaining more, and for your patience.

I fear the only way to get what you want it though the Inline Content method. And I say “fear” because it will need a bit more complicated manual HTML manipulation on your part, involving the Text editor tab. I hope you are at ease with that.

Here are step by step instructions for one image to see if this does indeed give you the desired result.

1. Activate Inline Content on Settings > Media
2. Go back to edit your portfolio page and switch to Text view tab
3. Find the first thumbnail IMG tag in the raw HTML code
4. Now notice the A tag that wraps that IMG tag and copy the full size image URL that is there in the HREF attribute
5. Then replace the attribute with href=”#project-1″ and add another attribute class=”fancybox-inline”
6. Next, start a new line after the closing < /a > tag and type the following:

<div style="display:none">
<div id="project-1" style="width:400px;height:600px">
<img src="..." />

7. Paste the URL copied at step 4 in place of the three dots as the SRC attribute value.

Save the page and try the front end.

You may need to adjust the width/height values (or remove them entirely) in the typed code, or go back to Settings > Media and deselect “Try to adjust size to inline/html content.” in the Inline Content section. Or change the “Scrolling” settings there to “Always”…

Once you are satisfied, you can then proceed to adapt all other thumbnail links and add one hidden inline content section for each one. Be aware that each link and hidden section pair must use a matching but unique (!) ID. So for example for the second link, use href=”#project-2″ and its matching hidden section use id=”project-2” and so on.

Hope that works for you. Let me know!