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    • June 29, 2016 at 7:06 pm #6731

      Hi Rolf,

      I’m trying to use Easy Fancybox with Content Timeline for a client’s site I’m building, but can’t get the overlays to trigger from it’s “Item Open” area — each timeline Card has optional additional info behind a “More” link, which supposedly can show any WP content.

      I first noticed that gallery images were not getting the “fancybox image” classes assigned, and even when I put them in manually, the overlays do not fire. The gallery thumbnails just link to the image file.

      You can see this on our dev site here:


      (site password: jz2016 )

      …in the timeline on the “Blade Runner” card which it opens to in 1982.

      You can see a thumbnail image on the card itself (overlapping the title). When it’s clicked it loads in an FancyBox overlay as expected.

      However, when you click the red “More »” button to reveal the additional gallery images, clicking them only links to the image file.

      Any insight into why that would not work? I’m not seeing any console errors or anything.

      I’ve been trying to get the Content Timeline developers to help, but they’ve only this far been able to get their embedded Pretty Photo overlay to work, but it doesn’t match Easy FancyBox, which I’m using throughout the site, so I’m hoping to get Easy Fancybox overlays to work in the additional card content.

      I’ve turned off Pretty Photo, which they provide a option for, but Easy Fancybox is still not working on the “More” content.

      Any insight would be appreciated, and/or anything I can communicate back to the Content Timeline developers to look into for compatibility.

      I can provide a login if that would be helpful.


    • June 29, 2016 at 7:06 pm #6734

      Hi Michael, this is a tricky one. The Read more link (not a link really) invokes new content to be loaded via ajax. This means the content is not known to the FancyBox script which is why it has not bound itself to any of the image links in that new content.

      FancyBox needs to be ‘told’ to scan for new content. This can be done by calling an event called ‘post-load’ on the document. For example, JetPack’s module Infinite Scroll does this every time when it has appended new content after scrolling to the end of an archive page.

      So the question is: can the Content Timeline developers build this into their ajax script?

      Or maybe there is already an event (with another name) triggered after new content has loaded? If so, what is this event called? It might be possible to use it with a little custom script…

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