***HELP***when SVG is clicked it should open Fancybox but doesn't

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    • November 3, 2017 at 10:39 pm #11260

      In short, I have a graphic that when a segment is clicked (id=”truck-node”) it should open a fancybox overlay that contains the div with the id=”fancy-truck”. I upgraded to Easy Fancybox-Pro in hopes that there would be a setting that I could find that would allow this to work.
      My code in the the svg is:

      <a id="truck-node" xlink:href="#fancy-truck" class="fancy-inline">
          <rect class="cls-2" x="1455" y="610.35" width="27.1" height="120" rx="10.36" ry="10.36"/>

      and the code for the hidden content is:

      Truck Parking
      Problem Description:
      Shortage of truck parking…
      How it Relates:
      Location and classification…

      I have to have this ready to demo on November 8th and I can not get this to work. Please help!!

    • November 3, 2017 at 10:39 pm #11261

      Hello Debby, welcome on these forums 🙂

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting things to work on your site. Looking at your code, I might be able to give some useful tips to help you along but if it’s not enough, could you send us a link to your site to see it live? You can post it on this thread of use the contact form (with mention of this thread).

      What I notice about your code is twofold and all about this snippet: xlink:href="#fancy-truck" class="fancy-inline"

      First, the class needs to be fancybox-inline but it might be just a type-O…

      Then, the script needs a href attribute but your code uses xlink:href which is likely not recognized by the script. Could you either change that to a simple href or (if xlink:href is needed for another script) add a dedicated href attribute?


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